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Why Hire A West Palm Beach Private Investigator?

ACES Private Investigations has a team of licensed and highly trained private investigators in West Palm Beach, Florida who are standing by and ready to tackle your case.

For a quality private investigator in West Palm Beach, ACES is the first and only place to call for those investigative needs.

West Palm Beach Private Investigators

ACES private investigation services range from background checks and child custody matters to infidelity cases, surveillance investigations and more. Our professional investigators are the best in West Palm Beach.

The ACES investigative team in West Palm Beach has years of experience in law enforcement, the United States military and the private investigation services industry, making our firm the best in the business in the Florida private investigation industry.

Finding the Facts for Our Clients in West Palm Beach, FL

Our business boasts satisfied clients from metropolitan Miami north to Orlando and in several other cities and states in the southern half of the country. When there's evidence to be found, our experienced private investigators will find it, record it and report it back to our client base. When you hire ACES, you're not only hiring a team of West Palm Beach's finest private investigators and detectives, but you're also getting a support team, legal staff and personal business specialists who can help you throughout every aspect of your case.

The Best and Most Modern Equipment

Our trained private investigators in West Palm Beach use the most modern equipment in the industry, including high tech cameras and surveillance devices, as well as GPS trackers, video cameras and more. Located for years in West Palm Beach, our licensed investigation agency will keep your information confidential at all times while we're out seeking the truth as it pertains to your case.

Only the Facts in West Palm Beach, Florida ​

Whether you're trying to locate a missing person, conduct surveillance, dig up dirt on a cheating spouse via an infidelity investigation, look into suspected fraud or something else entirely, our job is to obtain the facts on your behalf. That's what we're paid to do and that's what we do best. Call ACES today! Our free consultation process is designed to gather the information our agency and group of West Palm Beach investigators need in order to get the job done for the lowest cost and in the most efficient way for our clients.

The Best West Palm Beach Private Investigator ​

In West Palm Beach and throughout the Sunshine State, you won’t find a more seasoned team of former law enforcement officials than at ACES Private Investigations.

Background checks, missing persons, surveillance services, Internet searches, civil and criminal investigations – whatever your needs may be, ACES is there for you in West Palm Beach, FL.

The Best West Palm Beach Private Investigator
Highly Trained and Licensed West Palm Beach Private Investigators

Highly Trained and Licensed West Palm Beach Private Investigators

Even in a resort city like West Palm Beach, FL, there’s always going to be a need for a licensed and professional private investigator service.

When you schedule a free consultation with an ACES employee, you’ll get all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your private investigative needs.

This includes price, service requirements, agency information, investigative particulars and any additional information we require before starting to work on your case.

West Palm Beach Investigation Services

We work for individuals, private businesses, insurance companies and even government entities from time to time. We know the law in West Palm Beach and the rest of Florida, as well as how to work within the law to gather the facts you require and are paying for.

Starting with Internet searches and video surveillance, our group of former law enforcement and military specialists will get to work for you in West Palm Beach.

The Best Investigations in West Palm Beach

The Best Investigations in West Palm Beach

Our services are second to none so call ACES today and talk with a private investigator about what we can do for you in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Contact us today and let’s talk about it!

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