West Palm Beach Private Security

Need a little extra security in West Palm Beach, Florida or in nearby cities like Boca Raton or Delray Beach? ACES has you covered!

Our security services in West Palm Beach, which includes some of the most highly trained security guards and security officers in southern Florida, is the best in the city and features former law enforcement personnel who get the job done for you.


Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Private Security for Your Business in West Palm Beach

Some of the West Palm Beach private security services our business offers include:

  • Certified Security Guard Services
  • Unarmed Security
  • Armed Security
  • Customized Security Service
  • Event Security
  • Personal Protection Detail
  • Security Team (as many as needed)
  • Executive Protection
  • Emergency Training
  • Surveillance Services (Either Vehicle or On Foot)
  • Background Checks/Hiring Decisions
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Local Property Security and Protection (Residential and Commercial)
  • Private Security Needs (as determined)
  • Officer Rapid Response Times
  • Best and Newest Technology and Equipment
  • Hours and Days As Needed by the Client/Customer

Whether you feel for your safety, need some help with an event or just crave a little extra peace of mind, ACES security guard services in West Palm Beach is among the best in the business!

Read our reviews online to hear what our clients are saying about our company and our service.

Private Security for Your Business in West Palm Beach

Addressing All Types of Private Security Concerns

Addressing All Types of Private Security Concerns

Do you need an armed or unarmed officer or patrol in West Palm Beach? Protection for your company’s chief executive? A little extra security for a couple of events coming up on the calendar? A new hire you have a bad feeling about?

No matter what type of private security concerns you’re having in West Palm Beach, our service at ACES can address and resolve them. Give us a call and let’s talk about our service today.

Available at a Moment’s Notice

We have a number of highly trained private security officers in West Palm Beach, Florida who are ready to serve our new and existing clients at a moment’s notice, whether to ensure safety at an unplanned event or events, to accompany management from the company office or for any other reasons related to personal security services and protection for your company in West Palm Beach.

Sit Down With ACES Today

If you’re searching for security companies in West Palm Beach or nearby communities in Florida, we invite you to sit down with one of our security guards or security professionals at ACES and talk about our best in the industry executive protection and security company services.

Protecting our clients’ property, employees, businesses and VIPs is what we do at ACES and we do it very well.

Vet our executive services today and let us connect you with a security guard or security professional on our team who can discuss our armed security services and how we can help you in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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The Best in the Business

Our officers, whether armed or unarmed, are true professionals and are among the most highly trained in the private security business, both in West Palm Beach and throughout the region.

We perform background checks for a living but we also invite you to conduct a background check of your own on ACES before hiring us and our security officers to work for you in West Palm Beach.

Don’t risk putting your trust in another security company or office in Orlando when you can deal with the best.

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We’re confident that once you’ve investigated both us and competing businesses, you’ll be picking up the phone and giving us a call so we can get to work on your behalf.

We’re very much looking forward to your call and in putting our security officers on patrol for you in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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