Detective Agencies in West Palm Beach, Florida

As one of the leading detective agencies in West Palm Beach, Florida, ACES Private Investigations specializes in all aspects of the investigative industry and features officers and detectives who are among the best in the business.


Many detective agencies say they’re the best, but we prove it every day at ACES, whether it’s in West Palm Beach or in other cities and states throughout the country.





A Wide Range of Private Detective Cases

ACES private investigators are highly trained professionals and are largely responsible for us being the top private detective agency in West Palm Beach.

Our agency specializes in surveillance investigations, as well as missing persons cases, fraud investigations, background checks and much more. If you need a private detective agency in West Palm Beach, or in other cities throughout the Sunshine State, ACES should be number one on your speed dial!

Private Detective Cases

The Best Private Detectives in West Palm Beach

We’ll have a licensed and professional private investigator sit down and go over all of the perks you’ll get when hiring our detective agency to work on your case. From the initial consultation to the ultimate resolution of your case, ACES investigators and support staff are here to help.

Located in the heart of West Palm Beach

Our detective agency is located in the heart of West Palm Beach and features a highly skilled team of investigators who cover this area of Florida regularly.

The Most Profesional Detectives

Many are former law enforcement officials who now call ACES home and work hard every day to ensure that our company is at the top of the food chain in Florida’s private investigation industry.

The Best Private Detectives in West Palm Beach, Florida

Free Consultations Available

Call ACES Private Investigations today and let’s set up a time for your free initial consultation, either at our office or we can come to yours.

We think you’ll learn pretty early on that ACES is your one and only choice for private investigations in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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